Frugal ways to save on your cable bill

Frugal ways to save on your cable bill

Is your cable bill out of control? Our cable bills have become one our largest bills in many households but there are a few ways to score some great cable savings!

First things first though, if you want easy savings just make a call to your cable or internet provider; customer service agents always will go over your bill with you and find ways to save. One tip I always tell people is when you make the call to customer service always make the selection over the phone for “new service” even if you are just adjusting service. Customer service typically answers quicker for new customers!

Also, try and find out if you can bundle services. Many cable providers now offer cable, internet and phone service, so you can save big bucks. You can take a look at satellite providers, as well, to save some dough.

Have you considered doing away with all of those movie channels? If you really want to save money, scale back your cable package and pick up a membership to Hulu or Netflix. Both offer huge libraries of movies, TV shows and children’s programming.


I know we all love RedBox but $1 or more a pop does add up. Have you considered going to your public library and checking out DVD there? Also, many libraries now have the technology to check out e-books, to save you cash while using your Kindle or other e-reader.

Lastly, it is always a great idea to give your electronics a break. Turn them off in the evening a couple days a week, it will give them a little break and save on your electric bill at the same time!



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