I realize it’s only been a couple days since Christmas, but know some of you overachievers out there are already working to put your home back to rights. Whether you do it now, wait ‘til after the New Year or leave your decorations up ‘til Little Epiphany, here are some suggestions on how to tackle the mess when your time comes.

  • Put your feet up. First off, give yourself a break. You’ve been operating in the red for a couple of months now and you deserve to sit down and relax for a minute. Enjoy your decorations, your company, or just being with your family. While you’re at it, get some sleep.
  • Make a list of things to do. Once you’ve had a chance to rest and unwind, write down everything that needs to be done and decide what’s the most important thing to do first. Is it clean out the fridge? Put away the decorations? Wash the sheets and towels? Sanitize the bathrooms? Whatever it is, start there.
  • Spread your tasks out. There’s no rule that says it all has to be done right this minute. It took a while to get everything where or how it is; allow yourself to take some time to get it back to the way it was. Tackle 2-3 tasks a day to keep cleanup manageable and your stress level low.
  • Pack up with a purpose. While you’re packing up your decorations, get rid of anything you no longer love or use. The same goes for sheets, towels, serving pieces, etc. If these things are still in good shape, box them up and drop them off at your local charity. If anything is broken or threadbare, toss it in the trash. Make sure whatever’s left is wrapped properly to prevent breakage and put in a clear bin or clearly marked box so you can easily find it again next year.
  • Get rid of the old. Now that you and your family have gotten all these cool new gifts, it’s time to turn a critical eye toward the stuff you already have. Get rid of any clothes you no longer wear and any toys, games or gadgets that are no longer played with. Anything in good condition can be donated, everything else tossed. If you received gifts you don’t like or can’t use, give them away as well.
  • Recruit help. You don’t have to do it alone. Ask other family members to pitch in in order to speed up the process. Packing up the Christmas lights is the perfect father/son task, no matter what “Christmas Vacation” would have you believe.

Thanks for the great tips Vocalpoint!

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