Frugal Living with Google Alerts

Frugal Living with Google Alerts

With Google Alerts you can get email notifications any time Google finds new results on a topic or keyword(s) that you’re interested in. Google can help you achieve and maintain a certain quality of life. Interested in a home in a certain neighborhood but there are no homeowners currently selling? Set it up so that the alerts tells you when that home in your dream neighborhood goes on the market. Want to know when you are the subject of content posted online? Want to keep up with news stories? Google Alerts has you covered.

Google AlertsIf you embrace “fugal living” then these alerts are a great tool. For example, if you happen to be looking for a new product such as a tv, Google will let you know when content is posted about it. Let Google search for TV styles, brands, sizes, and when special deals come up. Also get notified when people write reviews and see how the product you are interested in is being received by other consumers.

But even better for frugal living the alerts also find all the blogs and websites that post coupons or deals. So instead of looking for a coupon for a specific product you can setup Google Alerts to track that product and find the coupon for you! With less time spent looking for specific deals yourself your coupons will take on added value! You can spend your time doing something else productive!

If you are interested and want to learn how to set up Google Alerts here it is in 4 easy steps.

How to Attain Better Frugal Living with Google Alerts

1) Visit Google Alerts at this url.

2) Enter the words that you want to be notified about in the “Create an Alert About” box.

3) Customize things such as how often you get alerts, the email address you want to use, and what types of websites you want Google to search in the “Show Options” menu.

4) Click “Create Alert.” (You can also create an alert by clicking the + next to any suggested topics seen on the alerts page.

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