Americans are expected to shell out an estimated $17.6 Billion this Valentine’s Day according to the NRF – a record high this year.

With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, as you plan your gifts, consider something heart felt that saves money. If you need unique, creative ways to celebrate, check out the below tips on How to Celebrate Valentines Day Without Spending Money.

For Her:

1. Leave a note on her pillow, a note on her dressing table mirror, a note on the breakfast table, and a note on her car’s steering wheel.

2. Find a classic love poem and write it on the bathroom mirror.

3. Bring her breakfast in bed – with a love note on the tray.

4. Draw a heart on her makeup mirror.

5. Use a can of water-soluble, non-toxic aerosol paint to write a message of love on the grass in your yard.

6. Call her favorite radio station and request a romantic song during the time she drives to work.

7. Change the welcome message on your answering machine to an expression of love.

8. Show up at her workplace, meet her as she takes her break, and whisk her away to a lovely park. Have a picnic lunch, complete with candle and rose.

9. Write her a long letter, one in which you recall the most emotional parts of your romantic history.

10. Print out “I Love You” posters on your computer, put them on your garage door and on light posts around the neighborhood.

11. Ask her to watch the sunset with you – and promise her your love will burn longer than the sun.

12. Open the windows, put her favorite romantic song on the CD player, and invite her to dance under the stars.

For Him:

1. Put a note on the bathroom mirror promising to share an afternoon delight.

2. Fill his car with balloons, each with an “I Love You” message inside.

3. Find his car at work and leave a note on the steering wheel suggesting a romantic rendezvous. Meet him with drinks, snacks and a love note.

4. Meet him after work wearing your sexiest outfit and tempt him away to lover’s lane. Carry along a bottle of sparkling water and a basket of canapés.

5. Leave him a series of notes to follow so that you meet in a romantic place.

6. Leave a trail of paper hearts, each with a loving message, from the front door to the bedroom for him to find as he comes home from work.

7. Cook his favorite dinner and serve it by candlelight.

8. Wrap up your prettiest negligee in a fancy package, complete with a note that promises a romantic evening.

9. Or decorate your bedroom in a theme – tropical island, old West, ancient castle – that appeals to his interests.

10. Light candles in your bedroom and lay out a romantic picnic on your bed.

11. Scatter Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses all over the bed.

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