While I know that there are many of us that are penny counters when it comes to expenses and do more than our part to save our families money, I also realize that there are still those that struggle with day to day expenses, especially if you have children. One of those huge and never ending expenses is clothing. Because lets face it…our kids either wear out or grow out of clothes in the blink of an eye.

Since my children are older now, the expense is a little different. They don’t wear or grow out of their clothes as quickly, but they are now “Brand Picky” and like to stay up to date with current trends & styles. And let me tell you…a child that only wants to wear Hollister, American Eagle, etc. could have helped me into bankruptcy back in the day (especially the years I was a Credit Card Queen)!

What’s a mom to do?

In my opinion, you have 3 options:

  • 1) Go into debt and still be paying for worn out or long gone clothes when it’s time for new ones Next Year, plus interest
  • 2) Save and make one large clothes shopping trip each season (not so easy for many of us) or do Layaway (where avail)
  • 3) Live frugally every day and plan ahead

    Ding, Ding, Ding !! We have a WINNER ! I choose OPTION #3 !! It’s a no-brainer. What exactly does it mean?

    Budget to the penny every month and (for me)live debt free, paying cash for everything we need. The big difference that I can never seem to get people to understand is that I don’t wait until the season change to re-stock our needs (as stores hope you do-they actually count on it!) – this actually applies to everything in our household. I buy when items are at their rock bottom prices and even then, I do so by either using my CASH BACK DEBIT Card or if purchasing online, using Coupon Codes stacked with a clearance sale + utilizing a CASH BACK Website.

    You will never, ever catch me visiting the mall just to “shop” without having planned the sales and coupons in advance. If my son needs a pair of jeans, you won’t find me running into a store and grabbing up his favorite brand.

    If I don’t purchase it online at a super low steal of a price, I scour for it at a thrift shop, consignment store or yes, even a yard sale. And I can’t tell you how many TAGS STILL Attached, Brand New, Hollister and American Eagle clothing items my son is wearing that I got for just a few bucks.

    I think the reason I’m able to do so consistently is that it’s not some new “phase” of being thrifty and it’s not a couple trips here or there. It really is my lifestyle…every day of the year…developed over the past 15 years to the extent that it is the norm.

    Retail shopping would be totally out of character for me and I could not imagine pulling that money out of my wallet at the register – not because I don’t have it now (unlike in the beginning) but because it is not necessary. It’s a waste of money and as you begin to understand through the years…it’s the people that actually HAVE the money on a consistent basis, that will choose to spend it more wisely. Why spend if you don’t need to?

    Another awesome and more convenient way I’ve discovered in the last year (and shared about before) is ThredUp. It really is an online version of a kids clothing swap. I’ve found that I can actually get more clothing for my dollar using their system. It’s also a great way to make extra money from the clothes your kids have outgrown! When mine were very little, I would consign them or sell them on ebay, which could take up quite a bit of my time. I wish ThredUp had been around back then!

    If you haven’t checked out ThredUp before, Here’s how it works:

  • Pick a Box : Browse a list of thousands of boxes full of preloved kids clothes, toys, and books – just *$9* (+$10.95 USPS shipping). Get your box delivered to your doorstep in just a couple of days.
  • List a Box : Post your own box of preloved clothes, toys, and books your child no longer wears or uses. It takes just minutes to list out the great items your kids no longer use.
  • Send a Box : When another member picks your box, send it 100% free of charge (recipient pays the shipping). You can get Free boxes at your local USPS or scheduled a free delivery of boxes at, and even schedule the pick up. You can also drop the box at your local USPS.

    EARN MONEY – When listing boxes yourself, you will receive up to $10 for every 3 or 4 star box you send !

    Right now, if you’re New to ThredUp, you get a $5 Credit !! This is a super way to test it out and see how you like it! Every box I’ve gotten from them has been packed with high quality, brand name items at a cost for the entire box that I could not have gotten for less, even at our local thrift and consignment shops!

    CLICK HERE to Signup at ThredUp and see for yourself!

    I hope some of my tips for saving year round help you out. It will never just “happen” by stumbling onto sales. It has to be a daily, concsious decision and way of life. The end result however, is a lifestyle that really pays off! Not having to worry about upcoming holiday gift expenses, ect. provides a sense of peace that lasts year round!

    In the words of Dave Ramsey…
    “If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.”

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