Indoor Winter Activities To Help You Survive Winter Doldrums

Indoor Winter Activities To Help You Survive Winter Doldrums

Indoor Winter Activities

Happy New Year! Can you believe the holidays are over and we are now starting a brand new year? Although the new year can be a fun, optimistic time full of resolutions and positive goals, the beginning of the year also includes several months of cold winter weather (for many areas of the United States). There are not many holidays in January, February, or March, so days off school and work seem few and far in between. Today, we have gathered up some indoor winter activities that are fun for the whole family. These activities are great for cold weekends where you just don’t feel like venturing out, or snow days where everyone is stuck at home. We have some cheap winter crafts and other suggestions for fun things to do inside.

Indoor Winter Activities

Cook together

Your kids can pick the recipe and you can cook it together as a family! Who knows, you may inspire a future chef.

Make Snow Ice Cream

This is perfect for a snow day! First and foremost, AVOID YELLOW SNOW! You want clean, fresh snow for your ice cream. You will also need granulated sugar, milk (you can use any kind of milk), salt, vanilla extract. Add approximately 6 to 8 cups of fresh snow to the mixed ingredients. It will melt quickly, so enjoy it right away.

Read a Book

You can read on your own or you can read together. If you have a Kindle, you can check out Amazon’s list of free Kindle books. They have free books for adults and children. If you want to get creative, you can act out a book with your children.

Make Borax Snowflakes

All you need is Borax laundry detergent, water, pipe cleaners (white are best), string, and a pencil. For the full details on how to make these ‘flakes, check out this blog.

Watch a Good Movie

This is on many people’s ‘indoor winter activities‘ list. However, it is still a good one! Watch a movie you have been meaning to watch but just have not gotten around to viewing. Find a tasty popcorn or snack recipe and prepare it. Enjoy your tasty treat as you watch your movie.

Have a Dance Party

Play your favorite tunes and bust a move! If you are tired of the cold weather, jam to some tropical/vacation beats (Beyond The Sea by Bobby Darin, Kokomo by the Beach Boys, Jump In The Line by Harry Bellafonte, etc.)

Make Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are fun to make at any age. Just fold up a piece of paper and start cutting! You never know what beautiful patterns you will create.

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