Inexpensive St Patricks Day Decorations For Your Home

Inexpensive St Patricks Day Decorations For Your Home

St Patricks Day Decorations

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St. Patrick’s Day is next Thursday, March 17. This year, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are both in March. Do you want to decorate your home for both holidays but not spend a fortune? Since you will likely be switching from your St Patricks Day decorations to your Easter decorations quickly, it makes sense to spend as little as possible on your St. Paddy’s decor.

Today, we have gathered up some affordable decor ideas for you. From St. Paddys DIY home decor, pre-made and ready to go decor, and DIY wall decor, you are sure to find something festive and affordable that is a perfect decoration for your home.

When it comes to pre-made decorations, your best option is Dollar Tree. They have a variety of St. Patrick’s Day decorations that only cost $1.00! They have sparkly shamrocks, green balloons, and much more. You really can’t go wrong with their prices.

Another option for pre-made decorations is Party City. Their prices are not as cheap as Dollar Tree, but you can find some affordable decor. If you can snag a discount coupon, you may be able to get a decent bargain. They have a variety of banners, swirly ceiling decor, shamrock garlands, and more.

Oriental Trading Company is also a good option for low-cost decorations (for a variety of holidays!) They have many decorative items to choose from including Leprechaun centerpieces, shamrock cutouts, shamrock door curtains, etc.

If you want to create DIY home decor for St. Patrick’s Day, consider the following ideas:

If you have young children, you can get them involved with the creation of your St. Paddy’s Day decor. Get a white piece of paper or a canvas, and have your children dip their palms and fingers in green paint. Stamp their hands 4 times on the paper or canvas in a circular shape to create a shamrock. Paint a small green stem at the bottom of the shamrock hands.

A simple DIY decor idea is to put split green peas in a votive or hurricane glass and place a white candle on top of the split peas.

Use green Christmas balls to decorate for St. Patricks Day. You can arrange them in a large clear vase, or even use them to make a wreath!


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