NFL Deals and Free Food in New York Chicago & Atlanta

NFL Deals and Free Food in New York Chicago & Atlanta

Football fans! There is no doubt you already know that the NFL football season is underway. No matter what team you root for, you always want your team to be the victorious one! Winning football games is good for the team for many reasons. Bragging rights, good feelings, positive stats, bolstered team morale, etc. Did you know that a win for your team can be really good for you too? It’s true! When your team wins a football game, various freebie offers pop up in the days following the win. Some stores and restaurants give away FREE food! Obviously, the offers vary from team to team and from one location to the next. Today, we compiled a list of some of the best NFL Deals and freebies for fans of the Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, and New York Giants!

  • FootballCertain Dunkin’ Donuts locations in New York and the surrounding areas offer Dunkin Donuts deals, freebies, and discounts the day after the Giants or Jets win a football game. If you have the Dunkin mobile app, you can also get coffee for $0.25 at participating Dunkin’ Donuts stores in New York City.
  • If you like Papa Johns pizza, you will love these Papa Johns deals! You can Papa Johns half off your food order if your team wins their game. If you are an Atlanta Falcons fan, enter the discount code FALCONS50 after they win a game to get 50% off your purchase. If you are a Chicago Bears fan, you can enter the discount code BEARS after a win to get 50% off your purchase.
  • A tire chain, Kauffman Tire, will take $40 off the cost of a set of new tires for each quarter the Falcons score. If the Falcons score in all 4 quarters of the football games, Kauffman Tire customers can get $160 off a set of new tires the day after the Falcons game.

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