As a mommy of two, I am always on the go with tending to my girls, shopping, finding good price match deals and more; which means I cannot risk losing valuable time by having my purse slip off my shoulder. This very annoying problem, which is very common for most women now has a solution, thanks to the Purse Gummy ~ The Invisible Non-Slip Purse Strap Solution.

About Purse Gummy
The Purse Gummy™ is a new, inexpensive solution for all women and their fashionable purses and handbags.

The Purse Gummy™ is a grippy, concealed strip which discreetly adheres to the underside of your purse strap, thereby preventing your purse from slipping off your shoulder!

Often a woman purchases a fashionable purse without completely testing the purse for it’s wear-ability on their shoulder.  One might later discover that the purse has an annoying tendency to “slip away” off their shoulder.  The Purse Gummy™ is the non-slip solution for your favorite purse, and a fresh idea for other purses that you might have put away in a closet because they kept slipping away. This product offers women the comfort and security of having their handbag remain securely on their shoulder.


  • The Purse Gummy™ is a flexible, grippy, silicone strip specially designed with a high coefficient of friction to prevent your purse from slipping off your shoulder. There is no tacky feel and it will not adhere to your skin or clothing.
  • The Purse Gummy™ is completely hidden underneath your purse strap and is virtually undetectable.  Thus no worries about changing the fashionable look of your purse or your outfit.
  • The Purse Gummy™ will adhere to almost any purse or handbag strap including leather, faux leather, suede, fabric, nylon, vinyl, etc. , yet it won’t damage your purse strap.
  • The Purse Gummy™ is designed to be durable and resistant to peeling off the purse strap after applied.  It adheres to the underside of the strap using a simple peel-and-stick method.
  • The Purse Gummy™ is available in a translucent color, approximately 5 inches in length and 1 inch in width.  It is designed to fit flat purse or handbag straps one inch or wider.  It can also be cut to size if necessary to fit smaller straps.
How it works?
The Purse Gummy™ is designed to fit single or double-strapped purses with a handle width of about 1 inch or greater.  It will adhere to virtually all strap materials including leather, faux leather, suede, nylon, vinyl, fabric, etc.
The Purse Gummy™ is a purse accessory made of flexible silicone which is specially designed with a high coefficient of friction.  Thus it clings to your clothing or skin and prevents your purse from slipping off your shoulder.   The silicone material is not tacky, it does not attract dirt, and is easily wiped clean.
The Purse Gummy™ is sold as a set of 6 pieces, and affordably priced at $11.95.   Shipping is free on all orders shipped within the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

My Thoughts
For anyone who carries a purse or handbag on a daily basis, then more than likely, you may have had your purse “slip” off your shoulder on more than one occasion. This innovative product will prevent that from happening ever again!

After peeling off the “gummy” from its adhesive strip, I was able to apply it to any purse (and in my case, a one-strap diaper bag) and instantly feel and see the results. This unique product will definitely make your life easier, and will save you so much more time and headaches when you are out and about.

What’s really nice, is that the product is almost invisible – since it is clear, and hidden away – never interfering with the fashionable look of your purse. This product will also allow your purse to stay put on chairs at restaurants, and on door handles in the those dressing rooms 😀 And to top it all off, it can be easily cleaned by just wiping it off and does not attract any dirt whatsoever!

I would highly recommend all women to try this product and see what they have been missing!

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