Rite Aid Deals This Week

The Rite Aid Video Values March Printable Coupons go live on Sunday and will remain up through March 31. I have the entire March Printable Coupons list, which expire April 14, for you below. In all, the March Video Values program has more than 60 videos over $110 in printable coupons & savings that you can STACK with your Manufacturer Coupons and +Up Reward Dollars.

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    Don’t forget, the window to watch the February’s Video Values offers ENDS TODAY.

    Rite Aid March Video Values Printable Coupons List

    $6.00 off Prevacid 24hr 42ct

    $5.00 off when you buy One John Frieda Full Repair Styling Item and One John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo or Conditioner Item Together

    $5.00 off Lipoflavinoid Plus 100ct

    $5.00 off any L’Oreal Youth Code Item

    $4.00 off Bioglan Super Fish Oil 100ct

    $3.00 off Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste

    $3.00 off Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothbrush

    $3.00 off Colgate Optic White Toothbrush

    $3.00 off any Two John Frieda Root Awakening Item

    $3.00 off any John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Item

    $3.00 Nature Made Vitamin D

    $3.00 Nature Made Sleep Aid

    $2.00 off Three American Greetings Single Cards

    $2.00 off Simple Skin Care Moisturizers 4.2oz or Soothing Eyel Balm 5oz

    $2.00 off Salonpas

    $2.00 off Prevagen 30ct

    $2.00 off MidNite or NatuRelief

    $2.00 off L’Oreal Excellence Hair Color

    $2.00 off Gas-X

    $10.00 off Conair i-Stubble Trimmer

    $10.00 off Conair Infiniti Pro Hot Air Spin Styler

    $1.50 off Polident Denture Cleanser 78ct or Larger

    $1.50 off any Super Poligrip Adhesive 2.2oz, 2.4 oz, 1.6 OZ Powder, or 40 Ct Strips

    $1.50 Off Almay Smart Shade Primer

    $1.00 off Zyrtec

    $1.00 off Unisom Sleep Aids

    $1.00 off Two Oreos

    $1.00 off Street King Energy Shots

    $1.00 off Simple Skin Care Facial Wipes 25ct, Facial Wash 5oz, or Facial Scrub 5oz

    $1.00 off select vitafusion items (MultiVite Adult Gummies, Power C Adult Gummies, Calcium Adult Gummies, or Vitamin D3 Gummy Vitamins)

    $1.00 off Quick Dock .5mm and .7mm pencils

    $1.00 off Neutrogena Acne Items

    $1.00 off L’Oreal Everstyle Styling Items

    $1.00 off L’Oreal Ever Crème Shampoo or Conditioner

    $1.00 off Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion, Bath, or Wash 6-16oz

    $1.00 off Hot Chocolate 8 Pkt Organizing Folder, Simply Chic Ideal Book, or Whimsical Flower Binder

    $1.00 off GoodNites

    $1.00 off Arm & Hammer Toothpaste

    $1.00 Off any Tums Antacid Tablets

    $1.00 off any Suave Professional Keratin Infusion product

    $1.00 off any Breathe Right Nasal Strip

    $1.00 Off Almay Intense I-Color Shadow Sticks

    $1.00 Off Almay Intense I-Color Shadow Kits (Smokey, Satin & Shimmer)

    $1 Off Phillips Colon Health

    $1 Off One A Day Vitamins

    $1 Off Citracal

    $1 OFF Bayer Aspirin

    $1 OFF Aleve

    $0.50 Off when you buy 1 Irish Spring Anitpersperant Deodorant and 1 Irish Spring Bar or Bodywash Together

    $0.50 off two Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

    $0.50 off Two Kit Kat Bars

    $0.50 off two Cadbury Cream Eggs

    $0.50 off Energel Stick 2pk med or fine

    $0.50 off Duck Brand Duct Tape or Duck Brand EZ Start Packaging Tape

    $0.50 off “5” Single Serve Gum

    $0.30 off Libby’s Fruit

    $0.25 off Lucky Charms 11.5oz

    $0.10 off of Welchs 64oz or 14oz Grape Juice

    As usual, I see LOTS of Coupon Stacking coming soon for some awesome Freebies & Deals at Rite Aid! 😀

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