Save on your Christmas dinner

I’m always searching for ways to save on big family meals, like Christmas dinner. Not only is it a whole lot of food to cook but it can get pricey; so over the years I have been on a search to do Christmas dinner frugally. Here are a few tips that I have come up with and share yours if you have a good one!

  • Encourage your guests to bring a dish and everyone can have a hand in the dinner. A Christmas potluck is a great way to showcase your friend’s and family’s talents.
  • Go for a favorite meal instead of a fancy Christmas dinner. Think lasagna with all the sides or a fun fondue night.
  • Ask your guests to bring what they like to drink. If you have 20 guests and five of those are children, this is a great tip. You never know diet restrictions and you never know which adult likes white or red wine!
  • Don’t spend extra money on paper plates, cups and plastic silverware. Those paper and plastic utensils do add to the bottom line.

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