Wedding on A Budget: Find Out How To Save Big on Wedding Flower Arrangements

Wedding on A Budget: Find Out How To Save Big on Wedding Flower Arrangements

Wedding Flowers

Save Big On Wedding Flower Arrangements

Weddings are such a special occasion. It is not unusual for brides and grooms to want every detail of their wedding to be perfect. From the cake to the invitations, to the wedding party attire and the programs, it all has to be ‘just right.’ Wedding flowers are an important part of most weddings.

They add beauty and softness to your wedding decorations. They certainly help set the feeling and mood of your wedding. However, wedding flowers can be VERY expensive!   Today, we are telling you about several different ways you can save money on wedding flowers.

You can go with artificial flowers that can be purchased at an extremely low cost at stores such as Dollar Tree. Another option for artificial flowers is to use money-saving coupons at craft stores such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn Fabrics. Either option should save you some money and you won’t have to worry about the flower dehydrating or dying early.

Purchase flowers in bulk from a wholesale supplier or a warehouse club such as Sams Club or BJs. You can get incredible deals on real flowers.  Warehouse clubs sell preassembled packages of flowers at an extremely reasonable cost. Another option to cut costs even further is to purchase bulk loose flowers and assemble your own bouquets, corsages, and centerpieces. That way, you have complete creative control over your floral decor and you save money!

If you want to use real flowers to decorate your wedding but do not want to spend a dime, you can gather beautiful wild flowers to use a bouquets and centerpieces. Another option is to gather flowers from a (willing) friend who has a beautiful flower garden and is willing to share some flowers.

Finally, you can use an alternative to flowers such as a paper fan, a paper flower bouquet, balloons, a broach bouquet, and more.

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