Saving Money on Your Kids Clothing

Saving Money on Your Kids Clothing

Dressing children gets expensive pretty fast. This is especially true with all of those newer trendy clothing options available to children these days! Saving money on your kids clothing takes a little thought and time. But, it doesn’t have to unnecessarily complicated or difficult. I came up with a few, easy money saving ideas to help out your wallet the next time you head over to the mall.

One thing you can do is pick up a store credit card. By signing up for a credit card to your favorite store credit card you will receive coupons and special promotions, just for being a card holder. Keep in mind that you must pay the card off each month. Additionally, store cards usually have a higher interest rate than others. Along with signing up for a store card, you can also follow your favorite brands on social media. The social media pages keep you up to date on upcoming sales.

If you really want to purchase certain items for your children, keep an eye on it, and wait for it to go on sale (or the clearance rack).

Saving Money on Your Kids ClothingWhen big sales occur towards the end of the season, stock up on select items for the following year. Make sure clothing is a size larger than what your child currently wears to adjust for growth. When we enter the next season of the year, simply resell the clothes that no longer fit on

Make sure that you shop at outlets! You can pick up name brand items such as jeans, tennis shoes and coats at the outlet mall for significantly less money.

Teach your children that owning the most expensive name brand clothing isn’t the most important thing in life. Trust me. You will thank me later! There is nothing wrong with owning a few name brand pieces in a wardrobe. Instill the idea that fashion is about a certain look and attitude (instead of spending a huge amount of money). Make these items a treat rather than the norm in your children’s life.

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