ShopTrotter’s 6 Essential Tips for Surviving Black Friday

ShopTrotter’s 6 Essential Tips for Surviving Black Friday

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We’re only just getting through Halloween, and the holiday wrapping paper, candy canes and glittering decorations have already emerged. That’s right – it’s that time of year once again. Buckle up, because the holidays are here, and we’re moving full steam ahead! We know, we know – it gets earlier every year. We might as well start playing “Jingle Bells” in July next year (kidding).

Instead of overwhelming yourself this season, why not AVOID the anxiety altogether by getting ahead of the shopping game on Black Friday? That’s right! If you finish your shopping well in advance, you’ll still have plenty of time left to worry about the decorating, cleaning, cooking, party planning and the like! But, how will you ever make it through Black Friday in one piece? Look no further. See below for ShopTrotter’s 6 Essential Black Friday survival guide. Happy shopping!!!

ShopTrotter’s 6 Essential Tips for Surviving Black Friday: 

(1)    Pack plenty of water and snacks! Let’s be honest – a thirsty, hungry shopper is a crabby and less-efficient shopper. Stay on your A-game by packing water and snacks in your purse.

(2)    Map out your route ahead of time with ShopTrotter. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Make a PLAN with ShopTrotter, the navigational shopping website and app that maps out your shopping route from store-to-store, so you can shop with ease.

(3)    Bring a companion. Why? Mostly for sanity purposes. Shopping alone is great. However, when it comes to Black Friday, you’ll appreciate having a friend by your side to laugh, joke and chat with you while you’re waiting in line for an hour!

(4)    Dress smart. Not so fast – this isn’t a free pass to wear sweatpants! But you SHOULD wear comfortable shoes, since you’ll be running from store-to-store all day. Keep the stilettos at home!

(5)    Mind the time. Bring a watch or a smart phone along so you can constantly monitor the time. You don’t want to linger too long in one location, or you’ll miss out on the other stores’ deals!

(6)    When all is found and purchased, get yourself a pedicure. Reward yourself. You deserve it! Trust us – after trying this once on Black Friday, it will forever be engrained into your Thanksgiving traditions!  

About ShopTrotter: ShopTrotter ( is a navigational shopping website and app that makes shopping trips stress-free by finding users the stores they’re most interested in (based on product type, price and brand), and then providing them with a customized route to their destinations. ShopTrotter currently features route-planning capabilities for over 80 cities worldwide.

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Post published by Melissa Roach, our Product Review & Giveaway Specialist.
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