Should you Ditch the Smartphone to Save Money?

Should you Ditch the Smartphone to Save Money?

There are lots of money saving tips out there on the web. But, would you be willing to cut your smartphone loss in order to save money? These days, technology really runs our lives. Well, that technology carries a price (both monetary and otherwise)! So, I’ve pulled together a few ways to save your family a little cash when it comes to technology. We’ll examine the powerful technology currently residing in our pockets to help you determine if you should Ditch the Smartphone to Save Money.

I know our family’s cell phone bill costs about $200 a month. If we forego the data charges, we would potentially save hundreds of dollars over the course of the year!

Giving up your smartphone can actually make you more focused, according to an article from The site says that in the next five years, there will be a major shift in communication and how we stay connected with one another. We are being constantly monitored by brands. Social media changes the way we interact with each other. You can see it clearly if you have a teenage child in your life. They are losing the ability to perform basic problem solving skills and maintain meaningful relationships. In some instances, over reliance on technology is affecting their ability to even spell. Texting removes many nuances of tone in our conversations. Needless to say, giving up that large data expense in your monthly budget may positively affect your family in more ways than just your wallet.

Ditch the Smartphone to Save Money

Save your Benjamin’s. Get rid of that expensive smartphone.

I recently read a blog about a woman who lived without a smartphone for nearly two years. She said she felt amazed at how much money she saved through the course of the year. Living without an advanced phone also made her feel so much more relaxed as well!

You should also consider using your local library for internet access. You could save a ton of money by foregoing all of the expenses related to high speed internet access. Most libraries remain open seven days a week. You can do a bulk of your studying, business, or surfing the web pretty easily there. Most libraries go out of their way to try to keep data connections secure from hackers. Also, these connections are completely free as long as you have a library card.  Not only will you be saving on high speed internet, but you may also find that you form better relationships with your community. Our local library offers many amazing workshops and reading seminars throughout the week. These workshops provide great fun and are completely free.

Do you have any great money saving tips related to technology? If you do, we would love to hear from you! Please tell us on our Frugal Fabulous Finds Facebook page.

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