Save Money on Your Pets with Free or Cheap SPCA Services

Save Money on Your Pets with Free or Cheap SPCA Services

It is no news to pet owners that owning an animal gets rather expensive. Although you may dearly love Fido the dog, Fluffy the cat, Cheeks the hamster, or Gil the fish, you probably do not love the expense of food, toys, and other pet supplies. Veterinarian bills tend to take the cake when it comes to pet care expenses. Many pets require annual visits to the vet. That is not cheap! Then you must factor in the cost of preventative medications such as heart worm medication, flea and tick control products, spaying and neutering procedures, and other health related procedures. Today, we are providing you with a list of services your local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or S.P.C.A. offers to you and your pets. These SPCA services are typically offered at a much lower cost than they are at a typical veterinary office.

SPCA servicesSPCA Services

SPCA spaying – Spaying provides many health benefits to your pet. You can get your dog or cat spayed at the SPCA at a reasonable cost. Prices may vary  from one SPCA location to the next. For a female dog who weighs anywhere from 0 to 50 pounds, SPCA spaying typically costs anywhere from $65 to $100. For a larger female dog who weighs 51 to 100 pounds, a spaying procedure typically costs around $90 to $155. For large female dogs weighing 101 lbs. or more, spaying typically costs approximately $130 to $180. The cost to spay a female cat is typically somewhere around $50 to $70.

SPCA neutering – Neutering a male pet at the SPCA is very reasonably priced. The cost to neuter a male dog of any size and weight is typically anywhere around $60-$125. The cost to neuter a male cat is approximately $55.

Additional SPCA Services

Microchipping – For approximately $25, you can get your pet microchipped. A small microchip is permanently placed under your pets skin. If your pet ever gets lost, the microchip can be used to identify him or her.

Vaccinations – You can have various SPCA veterinary services done at the SPCA. Vaccinations are one of the things you can get for your pet through the SPCA. The SPCA typically offers distemper vaccines, bordatella shots, and rabies shots.

SafePet Program – Some SPCAs offer the SafePet program to animal owners who need to temporarily remove their pet from the home. The reason must be because the pet owner is entering a domestic violence shelter or the owner has been affected by a natural disaster.

SPCA adoption– Dogs and cats can be adopted from local SPCA shelters. In fact, adopting an animal from the SPCA is a great way to save a dog or cat’s life and expand your family! SPCA pet adoption tends to cost less than buying a pet from a breeder or a pet store.

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