When is Splurging Right? Making Smart Splurge Purchases

When is Splurging Right? Making Smart Splurge Purchases


To splurge, or to be frugal? This can be quite the dilemma. In her blog, Crystal Paine explores this issue as a frugal mother trying to cut costs. But where she focuses on saving money I want to discuss when splurging is okay. There are necessary things that we need that perhaps being frugal about isn’t the best option. Check out this list of 5 splurge purchases that you should not feel bad about!

When is Splurging Right?

1) Bed/Mattress

One third of your life is spent sleeping so why wouldn’t you want to get the best mattress you can afford? Be sure to do your research and shop around. We all have different sleeping preferences and habits. Talk to a mattress dealer and discuss what you are looking for in a mattress. They might suggest a mattress type that you may not have even been considering. And since this can be a pricey endeavor check and see if your mattress dealer offers a money back guarantee. Most do within the first 30 days.

2) Computers and Electronics

You can find models that may be a year or two old for a little cheaper, but you probably don’t want to be too frugal when updating your computer or electronics. The average lifespan for a computer, phone, or tablet is 5 years. It’s not that these devices don’t work after 5 years, it’s that the software changes so much that your device probably won’t be functioning at peak performance.

3) Vacations

Vacation time is a scarce commodity. So, make the most out of your valuable time! This is a great opportunity to loosen up and let the splurges stack up!  Are you taking a trip out of the country? Splurge a little on excursions and explore while you can; you never know if you’ll be back! Taking a cruise? Spring for a cabin with a balcony. Heading to the ocean? Try your hand at parasailing. Your family will embrace the new experiences and you will have more fun looking back on all of the great vacations that you spent together!

4) Safety

This can apply to anything. Getting a new car? Safer model cars can be more expensive, but your family is worth it. Taking the bus or subway late at night? Just call a cab. It’s more costly but it will save you unnecessary travel in less-than-favorable conditions. Now this is a touchy one. Insurance. My suggestion is to get as much coverage as you can afford. Anything can happen and the peace of mind is worth it. Just be sure that you are not getting overcharged for your coverage.

5) Housekeeping

I am actually reiterating a point that Crystal made in her blog that I referenced earlier. I am a practitioner of hiring housekeepers to help me in cleaning my house! Housekeeping charges can be pretty reasonable, and for me the time it saves me is worth it. With a dog, a kid, and full time jobs, my wife and I simply can’t keep up with the housework without sacrificing valuable free time that we would rather spend together! Having someone come in twice a month, or even once a month, will take such a weight off of your shoulders. We keep up with the everyday chores like dishes, laundry, and the occasional light vacuuming. But having someone come in twice a month to dust, mop, vacuum, and scrub down the bathrooms is perhaps the best money spent! Splurging on housekeeping costs allows me more time with my family and I can live with that!

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