Fun Summer Savings Guide

Fun Summer Savings Guide

It’s almost Memorial Day, people. That means summer is just around the corner. Are you worried about how you will keep the kids busy this summer without breaking the bank? Ticket prices are high, movies are expensive, and gas is closing in on the $4 mark. What’s a Mom to do when things get pricey? You might wonder how to live frugally with all of these summer activities. I pulled together a few tips for you to save on summer fun! Frugal living is a year round process after all.

If it’s a possibility, you should bring your own food to the event you’re attending. This includes any summer activities. If you have the opportunity to bring your own food, do it! Feeding your family at the pool, beach, amusement park, or even the drive-in can really add up if you don’t. And, kids love to pack a picnic lunch filled with sandwiches, fruits, veggies, snacks, and bottled water to take care of lunch. If you brought water bottles or even buy one on the go, don’t throw them out when you are finished. Instead, find a water fountain and refill it.We used this tip on a recent trip to Disney and saved at least $100 on food in one day.

Did you know that if you buy tickets online some places will give you a discount for not buying in person. This keeps their ticket lines low. It also saves you time and money. You really can’t go wrong. Keep an eye on places like Groupon. Don’t forget to like your favorite spots on Facebook for extra deals and specials this summer.

Make sure you frequent your own local parks and pools for a refreshing summer swim. The cost will likely be minimal (or even free). A day at the local city pool in my town is just a few dollars. Also, some pools and beaches offer discounted or free admission towards the end of the day. That means you will enjoy smaller crowds if you wait until later in the day, as well. Saving money shouldn’t mean you miss out on summer activities.

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