Taking Frugal Living to the Next Level

Taking Frugal Living to the Next Level

Frugal living takes a bit of work and patience. However, after a few months you begin to forget about the simple changes you made in your life to live frugally; living this way relieves much of the stress consumerism places on you.

But living frugal isn’t perfect. The problem is, once you cut back on shopping trips, transfer your debt to a lower-interest credit card and get your coffee addiction under control, what else can you cut? At some point you reach the absolute necessities, and you can’t cut those. Can you?

You can!

One way to save cash is to grow vegetables in your own yard. Start with some of the more expensive vegetables like tomatoes and berries. You also know that your home grown produce isn’t sprayed with chemicals. Working out in the garden is good for the body and mind.

Move to a new city! Moving to another city is the ultimate step you can take for long-term savings. Living in a large, major city will always be more expensive than living in a small town because property values are so high. Watch the news on housing rates and population shifts around you. A news report from Huffington Post ranks Atlanta No. 1 as popular destination to move to because of the low price of living. Orlando, Tampa, and Seattle are also on the list.

Trim down technology by trying out services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video who all offer streaming video content over the Internet for less than $10 per month. You can cut out your cable service all together with the services available today. Skype also offers cheap VoIP calling to phones and free calls to other computers. I know my cable bills runs about $160 a month! What do you pay for cable TV? Are you paying for a bundle that includes phone service as well? Could you make do with just a cell phone and some internet apps like Netflix?



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