Sites Where You Can Get Uber Coupon Codes

Sites Where You Can Get Uber Coupon Codes

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Score more free rides with our guide to the sites that offer Uber coupon codes and save some serious cash.

Did you spend your new subscriber code on a ride that wasn’t worthwhile?

Unfortunately, Uber only throw out free rides like candy to brand new users. Beyond that, you’ll need to work with a network of friends, acquaintances, and social sharing to earn yourself new discounts and rides for your account.

Or that’s what Uber wants you to think.

Uber coupon codes are notoriously difficult to come by because Uber wants to stay competitive in an increasingly saturated market. If you want a discount on Uber rides, you’re going to have to work for it. Or you can visit one of these sites to score coupon codes and discounts for yourself.

Want to save some cash on your next Uber ride? Keep reading to find out how to get regular Uber discounts while also avoiding scams.

Uber Coupon Codes for Existing Users: The Harsh Truth

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Uber throws promo codes for new users in the air like confetti. These codes are easy to find – and there’s a list of places to source them in the next section

The problematic codes to grab – or the holy grail of Uber coupon codes – are those for existing users.

You can scour the internet for sites where you can get Uber coupon codes for existing users without much luck. Sites like to tout them for the clicks, but in reality, even if a site offers you a code, think twice.

The harsh reality is the coupon code is only useful if Uber accepts it. Uber’s software only takes codes given the green light from HQ. And HQ doesn’t throw around discounts for existing riders.

If you find a new code, it’s because Uber allowed it often because it’s promoting a new service or a brand partnership.

So, your goal is not to try to hack the system but to stay on top of the codes Uber releases.

Avoid sites that claim to offer codes for every rider – not just new users. They’re not only unhelpful, but they may even be a scam..

Where to Get Uber Coupon Codes and Referrals

Looking for reputable places to find out about new offers and find codes local to your area? Here are a few sites to get you started.

  • Uber
  • Groupon
  • Retail Me Not
  • Reddit
  • Ridely


The most reliable place to find coupon codes for Uber is with Uber itself.

Uber’s most significant promotions are for new riders, but it often runs new discounts or coupon codes when it wants to drum up business.

Earn more Uber coupon codes with two hacks. First, download Lyft and other ridesharing apps to your phone. The Uber app has access to the data on your phone, and the company doesn’t want to lose you to Lyft or another competitor.

The second way is to use Uber’s service on a regular basis. Uber sends out discounts and package options directly to your app profile or email address. Keep an eye on your inbox to take advantage of the best discounts available for current users.



Uber is an official seller on the popular discount voucher site Groupon. Head here first because the affiliation between the two means the coupons are legitimate and you’ll avoid spam.

Most of the codes available on Groupon are for brand new customers, but there are a few for existing riders, too. Groupon highlights the new partnership between Uber and Google Maps who are offering $15 off rides booked via Google Maps.Groupon also tracks a Code of the Day and shows a selection of local discounted rates.

You won’t find anything groundbreaking here, but it’s an excellent place to catch up on codes you might otherwise miss.


Retail Me Not

Retail Me Not offers the most common coupon codes as well as a host of less popular codes available for specific destinations. Many of the codes provide the obligatory money off your first ride discount, but others might include free Uber rides from airports or money saved when you pay with Capital One Cards.

Again, Retail Me Not is a reputable site used for discounts and gift cards for many renowned brands. Visit this site first before heading further into the list of Google results.

Retail Me Not


Reddit is the front page of the internet and should be your first port of call anytime you want a discount on anything

The social media site offers groups of users who band together to discuss common interests on threads.

Often, the Uber subreddit gets clogged up with users’ rider referral codes. While existing users won’t generate much value from these codes, you have another option: posting your code.

Sharing your promotional code is a straightforward way to drum up Uber discounts. Even if only two people use it, they’ll earn you $20 in Uber credit for very little work.

Don’t forget to head into other threads to learn hacks for encouraging Uber to send you more discounts itself.



Ridely is a site dedicated to all things ridesharing. The website highlights the premium new rider codes and should be your go-to site if you get a new phone number or account and have the option to avail of a new account code again.


How to Make the Most of Uber with Other Discounts

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Uber reserves the best benefits for new riders, but it’s easy to squander your free rides. Since valuable codes are few and far between, it’s worthwhile to keep an eye on what codes you do have and how you’re spending them.

Save Your Credit for a Rainy Day

Do you have a new rider code that works? Don’t waste it on a ride you don’t need. Uber doesn’t offer a rollover function, so if you use it on a trip worth less than the voucher, you can’t use the remaining balance in the future.

To save your codes for the most opportune moment, turn off the Apply Credits function before or during your trip to keep it.

Pay with the Right Card

Uber began partnering with merchants to encourage card use.

Until March 2017, if you paid with a Capital One Quicksilver card, you earn one ride free after purchasing nine rides. The trip was only free up to $15.

Will your favorite credit card or bank be next? Keep an eye on Uber’s website and the offers section in your online bank account to see if any new promotions have popped up.

Pay with Points

American Express now allows both new and current Uber rides not only to earn more points but to use Membership Rewards points to pay for the ride.

Take advantage of the promotion by visiting this link and connecting your Uber and American Express accounts to simplify your payment options.

talking to friends

Switch Apps

Uber isn’t the only ride-sharing app available. Depending on your location, you might find two or more alternatives.

Lyft is the most popular of these options. It’s one of Uber’s biggest rivals, and it aggressively pursues Uber customers with a substantial welcome discount and regular rolling discounts on rides at certain times of the day.

The average new rider discount for Lyft is $50 credit to be used on a single ride.

Keep Referring

Want more free rides than you can handle? Refer friends by sharing your referral code far and wide. Throw it up on the subreddit, send it to your contact list, or go even further (or too far) by adding it to your email footer. Every new member that signs up with your code earns you free rides.

Be Patient

Uber is the 500-pound gorilla of ridesharing services, and so far, it hasn’t had to rely on discounts to keep ongoing users around.

But as competitors continue to not only multiply by successfully vie for Uber customers, Uber may need to change its tune to retain customs. After all, it lost $4.5 billion 2017 and $2.8 billion in 2016 all while Lyft doubled its rides.

As Uber reconfigures its business, it may find enticing riders back to its service and away from competitors mandates offering more discounts than before.

So, don’t abandon Uber altogether. Be patient instead because Uber comes up with new ideas all the time.

Uber Codes Don’t Come Cheap

Any site promising Uber codes for existing users in exchange for your details may sound too good to be true because it is.

Uber’s software doesn’t accept random codes for existing users, and many of the sites promising more codes may be trying to scam you.

man asking for a ride

It’s possible to score cheaper and even free rides from Uber after using your initial code, but it requires some due diligence and perseverance. Keep an eye on your profile and email address during peak traffic periods like public events to make the most of the unique coupon codes.

Don’t forget to share your referral code far and wide to earn legitimate free rides.

And don’t be afraid to use a competitor once in a while.

Are you on the lookout for Uber codes and other ways to save money? Share your hacks for freebies in the comments below.

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