In response to the practice of extreme couponing and its popularity, Publix, the large grocery store chain, updated their coupon policy. The updated Publix coupon policy makes these extreme couponing practices even harder to pull off which means that we won’t see the huge returns for our couponing efforts we saw in the past.

Publix is not trying to detour shoppers from using competitor coupons and coupons that take dollar-off-totals off the shopping trip.

The new policy will only allow 8 of the same coupons, per day, per household. Also, Publix will only take $2 off total coupons per purchase, from one competitor.

Here is the Publix coupon policy in full detail. Just read it by simply clicking the link.

Publix offers weekly specials, BOGO promotions and accepts manufacturer’s and competitor’s coupons.

  • Publix will accept manufacturer’s coupons, Publix coupons, Internet coupons and coupons from nearby competitors (an exact list will be posted at each Publix store).
  • Coupons from competing pharmacies are for prescriptions only.

Updated Publix Coupon PolicyOur acceptance guidelines:

  • We only accept coupons for identical items.
  • We only accept a manufacturer’s coupon and either a Publix or a competitor’s coupon on the same item. Maximum of two coupons per item.
  • Manufacturer’s digital coupons cannot be combined with manufacturer’s paper coupons for the purchase of the same item.
  • We do not accept percent-off-items or percent-off-total-order coupons.
  • We do not accept coupons presented via a mobile phone or device.
  • For a BOGO offer, each item is considered a separate purchase.
  • We limit coupon redemption to 8 of the same coupons per day, per household.
  • Manager’s approval is needed for individual coupons above $5.
  • Dollars-off-total-order coupons will be limited to one Publix and one competitor’s coupon per day, per household. The total order before coupons must be equal to or greater than the combined purchase requirements indicated on the coupon(s) presented. We consider competitor’s coupons for dollars off groups of items to be a dollars-off-total-order coupon and will only allow one per day, per household.
  • Money due to the customer at the end of a transaction with coupons will be provided on a Publix gift card.

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